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Rebuilding in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan

One of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded, category five Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines on Friday 8 November, uprooting homes, destroying businesses and sadly taking lives. 

As the country now begins to recover from the destruction, you can provide a hand up to families in the Philippines by giving them the support they need to rebuild their lives.

Are you able to provide hope to families in the Philippines?

Funds raised through this appeal will enable our microfinance partners in the Philippines to continue to support people in immediate need in the regions affected. 
Funds will be utilised post the emergency efforts to:
Equip families with emergency loan assistance
Support local staff in the regions affected
Help ensure the sustainability of our local microfinance partners.
Restoring the economic health of a community is crucial to any long-term disaster recovery and is often forgotten in the immediate response to provide emergency assistance. The opportunity to earn an income and restore damaged assets is fundamental to foster dignity and independence in the wake of this crisis.
As the immediate threat passes, you can walk beside affected families, giving them the hand up they need to look to the future. 
If you'd like to find out more about Opportunity's work in the Philippines, please click here.  



Your support  will help families recover from this devastating time. Thank you for your giving – it makes such a difference. 

Any excess funds will be sent to the area of greatest need.

Supporters Amount Message
John Shadforth $1,000.00
Christopher Bradley $10,000.00
Anonymous $25.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Mark Hopkinson $1,010.00
Anonymous $600.00 Christmas gift contributions from lunch at Leura St
Jenny Norris $300.00
Archer Foundation $50,000.00
Human Resources, SouthEastSydneyLHD $160.00 A gift to help you rebuild after Typhoon Haiyan. From NS Human Resources, SouthEastSydneyLHD.
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $250.00
Kesser Torah College $380.00 Thank you for the students of Kesher Torah College.
Anonymous $10,000.00
Floor Solutions Pty Ltd $250.00
Goodman private wealth advisers $1,000.00 From the staff at Goodman private wealth advisers
Ken French $5,000.00
Gavin Hinton $1,000.00
Judy Winning $500.00
James King $30.00
SLD Hospitality Pty Ltd $165.00
Peter Liesch $100.00 Opportunity International Australia does a fantastic job with microfinance in needy locations.
KM Splatt & Associates $250.00
Anonymous $250.00
Anonymous $30.00
Anonymous $250.00
Rod Monger $1,000.00
Anonymous $500.00
Sarah Gormley $123.00
Anonymous $50.00 I was very distressed to see the suffering of the people in the Phillipines and know that the great work Opportunity Australia will be directed to really making a difference to families in this terrible time of need. Keep up the great work!
Juliet Lockhart $250.00 Robert, I have been appalled, and am happy to send a donation Thank you for contacting me.
Mark Daniels $500.00
Smart Trading Pty Ltd $250.00
Andrew Mabin $50.00
Anonymous $200.00
Gerald Lipman $2,000.00
Cherie Lee $30.00
Simon Cammell $100.00
annika susskind $250.00
Simon Kelly $500.00
XGAP partnership $200.00
Fifi Rashando $50.00
Gavin Heaton $100.00 Great initiative for long term recovery - thanks OI.
Kyle Cox $100.00
Michelle Opie $100.00
Sibel Wells $100.00
Sonja Paffendorf $50.00
Duncan Henderson $100.00
Robert Dunn $5,000.00
Michael Barr $100.00
John Church $5,000.00
Sally Popplestone $50.00
Cameron Binney $10.00
Anonymous $200.00
Belinda Kent $30.00
Lisa Frost $50.00
Ant Clark $100.00 One of the images sent through from TSKI, an Opportunity microfinance partner in the typhoon-affected region of the Philippines. One photo shows a boy standing in the devastation, wearing a tee-shirt which says 'never give up'. Poignant, and although these communities are very resilient, they need our available thoughts, prayers and financial assistance at this time.
Anonymous $1,000.00
Paul Saunders $1,000.00
Heather Thomson $100.00 As well as supporting organisations that do immediate emergency aid please consider the long term rebuilding of the affected regions in the Philippines. Opportunity International's microfinance work will be vital in the rebuilding of lives and livelihoods.